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WEY - Knife Gate, Double Block and Bleed, Butterfly Valves

PHONIX - Bellows sealed Globe Valves for hazardous service

PUREFLEX - Composite Body Butterfly and Ball Valves, High Purity Hoses for Chemical Service

ETHYLENE - Expansion Joints, Sight Glasses, Dip Tubes, Teflon Accessories

SAMMI - Line Blind where safety, zero leakage, and ease of operation are required

STRACK - Metal Seated Lift Plug Valve

JC/TRUELINE - Industrial Ball Valves, Knife Gates, and Specialty Products

CHEMVALVE - Teflon-lined Plug and Ball Check Valves

HILLS-MCCANNA - A complete line of Diaphragm Valves and Accessories

SAFI - Plastic Valves for industrial process

LARAD - Quarter turn Pinch Valve for Slurries

SLURRY FLO - Knife Gate Valve for Throttling service

MERCER RUBBER - Rubber and Metal Expansion Joints, Duct Connectors, Hoses